Tuesday, December 28, 2010

(E003) Custom Handcrafted Clean Regulated [9v,12v,16v,18v AC or DC] Pedal Power Supply

What came in the box (old plastic chassis)

9200Mk2 (now up to 6 out and Green LED)

Latest black unit for Ahmad Munzir from Shah Alam

Onother Red for Syamil from Penang

This is metal custom unit I did for Axel from Sabah (external adapter: ala PBrick)

Custom metal chassis II for Zid from Shah Alam (external adapter: ala PBrick)


(E003) New Clean Regulated 9V DC Custom Pedal Power Supply

NEWS FLASH 24th Feb 2011:
7.5vDC 9vDC 12vDC 18vDC 16VAC module are now ready!
Only available as custom unit for now.
Standard power unit will be available soon!
Contact me for more detail

-Clean and safe REGULATED power
-Circuit build on original printed circuit board
-Fused & short circuit protection.
-Made to be compatible with Boss / Behringer and other 9v guitar pedal (-ve Center Negative)
-Come with easy Standard IEC socket with 1 meter or optional extra length 3-5 meter main power cable.
-Rugged hardened plastic case for safety.
-Plain black OEM customizable look (put your own brand/name on and make it your own. Decorate to match your pedal-board or leave it black!)
-12cm wide / 7.8cm deep / 5.2cm height (about the same size / slightly larger than standard Boss pedal)
-Bright power indicator LED
-4 DC output for all your pedal
-DC connector included
-Build quality assured with 1 year limited warranty

Package includes: 1 meter power cord, 4x DC connector, power supply unit

9200: RM120 200mA, 4 straight DC jack (enough to power 4+ pedal*)
9500: RM150 500mA, 2 straight DC jack, 2 straight DC jack (total 6) (enough to power 6+ pedal*)
Extra length power cable: RM15 for the first 3 meter. Add RM5 for every 2 meter after that (5m RM20, 7m 25 etc)
(*depending on pedal power requirement; rarely exceed 50mA per pedal except for delay/reverb and some modulation pedal. please check first! I've tested my personal unit a 9500 with my 10 pedal, working fine!)

Please add RM10 (Peninsular) RM15 (Borneo) for postage handling by POS LAJU
Payment Method COD [Ipoh Only]: Cash or bank-in to my Maybank account

FAQ - answers
1. yes i hand build this myself because branded power supply cost too much. Also help other who don't like to get their hand dirty in electronics but want a small, simplified regulated PS for their pedal board
2. No I don't have 12v and 18v version yet. I'm still developing a pcb for that.
3. You can test it by coming to my "tiny little micro" studio in Ipoh
4. Yes I can build you super customized one but with little extra charge of course. Please ask
5. Friendship are always welcomed

Mr Faizal 017-3917518 (10am-10pm) or PM me
Dream Project Studio
Pasar Besar Ipoh
Jln Onn Jaafar
30300 Ipoh Perak
Open on appoinment only!