Tuesday, December 28, 2010

(E003) Custom Handcrafted Clean Regulated [9v,12v,16v,18v AC or DC] Pedal Power Supply

What came in the box (old plastic chassis)

9200Mk2 (now up to 6 out and Green LED)

Latest black unit for Ahmad Munzir from Shah Alam

Onother Red for Syamil from Penang

This is metal custom unit I did for Axel from Sabah (external adapter: ala PBrick)

Custom metal chassis II for Zid from Shah Alam (external adapter: ala PBrick)


(E003) New Clean Regulated 9V DC Custom Pedal Power Supply

NEWS FLASH 24th Feb 2011:
7.5vDC 9vDC 12vDC 18vDC 16VAC module are now ready!
Only available as custom unit for now.
Standard power unit will be available soon!
Contact me for more detail

-Clean and safe REGULATED power
-Circuit build on original printed circuit board
-Fused & short circuit protection.
-Made to be compatible with Boss / Behringer and other 9v guitar pedal (-ve Center Negative)
-Come with easy Standard IEC socket with 1 meter or optional extra length 3-5 meter main power cable.
-Rugged hardened plastic case for safety.
-Plain black OEM customizable look (put your own brand/name on and make it your own. Decorate to match your pedal-board or leave it black!)
-12cm wide / 7.8cm deep / 5.2cm height (about the same size / slightly larger than standard Boss pedal)
-Bright power indicator LED
-4 DC output for all your pedal
-DC connector included
-Build quality assured with 1 year limited warranty

Package includes: 1 meter power cord, 4x DC connector, power supply unit

9200: RM120 200mA, 4 straight DC jack (enough to power 4+ pedal*)
9500: RM150 500mA, 2 straight DC jack, 2 straight DC jack (total 6) (enough to power 6+ pedal*)
Extra length power cable: RM15 for the first 3 meter. Add RM5 for every 2 meter after that (5m RM20, 7m 25 etc)
(*depending on pedal power requirement; rarely exceed 50mA per pedal except for delay/reverb and some modulation pedal. please check first! I've tested my personal unit a 9500 with my 10 pedal, working fine!)

Please add RM10 (Peninsular) RM15 (Borneo) for postage handling by POS LAJU
Payment Method COD [Ipoh Only]: Cash or bank-in to my Maybank account

FAQ - answers
1. yes i hand build this myself because branded power supply cost too much. Also help other who don't like to get their hand dirty in electronics but want a small, simplified regulated PS for their pedal board
2. No I don't have 12v and 18v version yet. I'm still developing a pcb for that.
3. You can test it by coming to my "tiny little micro" studio in Ipoh
4. Yes I can build you super customized one but with little extra charge of course. Please ask
5. Friendship are always welcomed

Mr Faizal 017-3917518 (10am-10pm) or PM me
Dream Project Studio
Pasar Besar Ipoh
Jln Onn Jaafar
30300 Ipoh Perak
Open on appoinment only!


Item Number : B114
Condition : Used
Comment :
Size : 35cm x 33cm
Weight : 500gm
Price :
RM35 Including Postage Handling (Registered Post)
add another RM10 if you want it by poslaju


Item Number : B120
Condition : Used
Comment :
Size : wide 30cm x height 18cm x deep 10cm
Weight : 600gm
Price : RM45 Including Postage Handling


Item Number : B105
Condition : Used
Comment :
Size : 35cm x 23cm
Weight : 200gm
Price :
RM50 Including Postage Handling (Registered Post)
add another RM10 if you want it by poslaju

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Completed Transactions 2009/10 and older

For 2011 Completed Transaction Please Click HERE
--Updated 28 / 12 / 2010

Farah (Ipoh, Perak) COD

Nur Syahida (Taman Melawati, KL) POSLAJU Tracking Number EN424353621MY

Eric (Ipoh, Perak) COD

Mohamad Ilyas b Roslie (Kota Kinabalu, Sabah) POSLAJU Tracking Number EN424353649MY

Salawati bt Isa (Sitiawan, Perak) POSLAJU Tracking Number EN275287909MY

Zabedah Alias (Kuantan, Pahang) POSLAJU Tracking Number EN275287886MY

Choo Chiew Yer (Tabuan Laru, Sarawak) POSLAJU Tracking Number EN275287890MY

Nazatul Zima bt Ahmad (Bedong, Kedah) POSLAJU Tracking Number EN421880558MY

Rosli Abd Wahab (Jalan TAR, Kuala Lumpur) POSLAJU Tracking Number EN275287872MY

Mohd Basri Mahidin (Kuching, Sarawak) POSLAJU Tracking Number EN275287855MY

Aizat Tarmizi (Bangi, Selangor) POSLAJU Tracking Number EN427722232MY

Boi (Batu Gajah, Perak) COD

Haida Mohamad Nor (Shah Alam) POSLAJU Tracking Number EN427722229MY

Syamilah Ezzati (Jitra, Kedah) POSLAJU Tracking Number EN339069458MY

Nor Suriati (Taiping, Perak) Tracking Number RD535270378MY

Nordayana (Skudai, Johor) POSLAJU Tracking Number EN339069444MY

Enda Nur Malia (Muar, Johor) POSLAJU Tracking Number EN339069475MY

Sold (Ipoh, Perak) COD

Sold (Ipoh, Perak) COD

Sold (Ipoh, Perak) COD

Sold (Ipoh, Perak) COD

Sold (Ipoh, Perak) COD

Sold (Ipoh, Perak) COD

Sold (Ipoh, Perak) COD

Sold (Ipoh, Perak) COD

Sold (Ipoh, Perak) COD

Sold (Ipoh, Perak) COD

Sold (Ipoh, Perak) COD

Sold (Ipoh, Perak) COD

Ceqla (Ipoh, Perak) COD

Rusmaria (Langkap, Perak) Tracking Number RD613488813MY

Unknown (UTP, Perak) COD

Azri Rozelan (Ipoh, Perak) COD

Masrina Sahrom (Pasir Gudang, Johor) POSLAJU Tracking Number EN298301970MY

Siti Simin (Miri, Sarawak) POSLAJU Tracking Number EN298301952MY

Nurul Ayuni (Pekan, Pahang) POSLAJU Tracking Number EN298301966MY

Norizan Mahmud (Kampung Gajah, Perak) POSLAJU Tracking Number EN298301949MY

Eric Tang (Ipoh, Perak) COD

Shahril Nazri (Labuan, W.P.Labuan) POSLAJU Tracking Number EN298301935MY

Unknown Buyer (Ipoh, Perak) COD

Wan Nor Afida (Kota Bharu, Kelantan) POSLAJU Tracking Number EN298302459MY

Unknown Buyer (Ipoh, Perak) COD

Eross (Ipoh, Perak) COD

Hamimi (Ipoh, Perak) Tracking Number RD613486843MY

Zulbairi b Ghazali (Kuching, Sarawak) Tracking Number EN298301983MY

Maizura Saad (Taman Maluri, Kuala Lumpur) Tracking Number RD629767064MY

Nazley (Ipoh, Perak) COD

Haida Mohamad Nor (Shah Alam, Selangor) Tracking Number RD629767020MY

Fazley (Tanjung Tualang, Perak) COD

Munirah (Sri Iskandar, Perak) COD

Johan Arief Ibrahim (Bintulu, Sarawak) POSLAJU Tracking Number EN275352531MY

Amira (Ipoh, Perak) COD

Lisa (Ipoh, Perak) COD

Nooradilla (Batu Gajah, Perak) Tracking Number

Mahadi Hamdan (Hutan Melintang, Perak) Tracking Number RD629802733MY

Khairul (Ipoh) COD

Farah Nur Ameera (Sri Iskandar, Perak) POSLAJU Tracking Number EN275352528MY

Nurul Nadia (Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu) Tracking Number RD463709698MY

Abd.Aziz (Kuantan, Pahang) POSLAJU Tracking Number EN275352559MY

Ila (Ipoh, Perak) COD

Nor Sarayani (Kuantan, Pahang) Tracking Number RD463709640MY

Rozilah (Hulu Perak, Perak) POSLAJU Tracking Number EN263424063MY

Debbie Lim (Batu Caves, Selangor) POSLAJU Tracking Number EN263424077MY

Fazli Shafiq (Kepong, KL) Tracking Number RD463709097MY

Nurshuhadah (Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan) POSLAJU Tracking Number EN263424085MY

Siti Nurhawa (Merlimau, Melaka) POSLAJU Tracking Number EN263424050MY

Siti Nurhawa (Merlimau, Melaka) POSLAJU Tracking Number EN263424094MY

Mohd Radi (Tapah, Perak) POSLAJU Tracking Number ED878903711MY

Mohamad Hariri (Dunggun, Terengganu) POSLAJU Tracking Number ED263424103MY

Mohd Rashidi Yahaya (Putrajaya) Tracking Number RD513001652MY

Afifah (Kubang Kerian, Kelantan) Tracking Number RD503034072MY

Alice Tan KL (Pontian, Johor) POSLAJU Tracking Number ED878903708MY

Wong Hon Kah (Segambut, KL) Tracking Number RD503034069MY

Lyn (Ipoh) COD

Wawa (Ipoh) COD

Siti Suhana (Ipoh) Tracking Number RD513001887MY

Syed Azmi (Pandan Indah, KL) Tracking Number RD513001520MY

Ruzaini (Cheras, KL) COD

Meezsarah (Johor Bahru)Tracking Number RDMY

Nurol Hayati (Kluang,Johor)Tracking Number RD513007522MY

Shahrul Fahmi (Bangi,Selangor) Tracking Number ED878904456MY

Yusri (Pendang,Kedah) Tracking Number ED878904442MY

Salwa (Triang,Pahang) Tracking Number RD513007275MY

Anizan (Ipoh) COD

Shang E Tang (Penang) Tracking Number RD513007045MY

Intan (Ipoh) COD

Akram Ahmad (PJ,Selangor) Tracking Number RD502681804MY

Zaila (Shah Alam) Tracking Number RD502680636MY

Wan Nurshafawati (Jitra, Kedah) Tracking Number RD502680888MY

Faizal (Ipoh) COD

Norazlina (Shah Alam) COD

En.Saufi (Senawang, Negeri Sembilan) Tracking Number RD453872822MY

Zaliana (Bangi, Selangor) Tracking Number RD453872941MY

En.Zul (Manjung, Perak) COD

Tajul Azmi (Beranang, Selangor) Tracking Number RD453872028MY

Ruzaini (Cheras, KL) COD

Mohd Hazli (Port klang, Selangor) Tracking Number RD415431025MY

Rohila (Pusing, Perak) COD

Siti Nor Fariha (Taman Cempaka,Ipoh) Tracking Number RD415431396MY

Hasnan (Permatang Pauh,Penang) Tracking Number RD415431921MY

Ruzaini (Cheras,KL) COD

Jamilah Jamil (Setapak,KL) Tracking Number

Hananee (Putrajaya) Tracking Number RD331076095MY

Zukiman Mohamad (Kemaman,Terengganu) Tracking Number EN198738816MY

Aris Tahir (Kuala Kangsar) COD

Wan Nursakinah (Kajang) Tracking Number RD415430930MY

Nurhidayah (Bangsar) Tracking Number RD415431008MY

Norazlina (Shah Alam) COD

Grace (Taiping) Tracking Number RD393617595MY

Fieza (Ipoh) COD

Syafikah Amira (Port Klang) Tracking Number RD393617989MY / RD393617825MY

Yanty Suhana (Penang) Tracking Number RD393617357MY / RD393617811MY

Unknown (Batu Gajah) COD

Habibah Moner (Terengganu) Tracking Number RD393617343MY

Khairul Fadzli (Shah Alam) Tracking Number

Mazra Hassan (Tronoh,Perak) Tracking Number EN198738820MY

Sold to Unknown Buyer

Sold to Unknown Buyer

Sold to Unknown Buyer

Sold to Unknown Buyer

Sold to Unknown Buyer

Masalwi (Sintok,Kedah)

Siti Khadijah (Putrajaya) Tracking Number EN198738878MY

M.A.Arif (Kuala Lumpur) Tracking Number EN1987736832MY

Tan Kwee Peck (Kuala Lumpur) Tracking Number RD331294798MY

Norhaidatul Azian (Petaling Jaya) Tracking Number RD331292885MY

Nuzliena (Subang Jaya) Tracking Number RD331292939MY / RD331292770MY / RD331293024MY

Wan Lokman (Jengka,Pahang) Tracking Number RD331293188MY

Yusnieta (Parit Buntar) Tracking Number RD331293191MY / RD331292681MY

Mohd Helmi (Putrajaya) Tracking Number RD331293130MY

Nuratiqah (Kuala Lumpur) Tracking Number RD331164342MY

Hariati (Petaling Jaya) Tracking Number RD331293174MY

Shima (Negeri Sembilan) Tracking Number RD331293038MY

Lorraine (Skudai,JB) Tracking Number RD331299301MY

Nurul Asyikin (Ulu Langat) Tracking Number RD331292810MY / RD331292810MY

Lizawati (Port Klang) Tracking Number RD331293951MY

Hon Yong Seng (Balakong) Tracking Number RD331292899MY

Daud (Kuala Kangsar) COD / COD

Husni (Sungkai) COD

Mohd Jazli (Pusing) COD

Jamiah (Pusing) COD / COD

Sabariah (Pusing) COD / COD